Ladies and gentleman!

We are glad to invite You to participate in the 5th Optoelectronic Conference that will be held under the slogan „Photonics as a technology of safety and comfort”. Four previous editions of the Conference, has proven that the Event is a place of exchange of the information and experience among the representatives of the photonics industry, science and potential users of optoelectronic devices. We are certain that this year’s edition of the Conference will be an opportunity to present numerous new technologies with both military and civilian applications. Planed scope of this year’s Conference includesrole of the photonics in defence and security systems, photonics in communications, virtual and enhanced reality, Sensoric systems, analysis and processing of the image, multi-spectral analysis and photonics in navigation.






PCO S.A. belongs to the Polish Armaments Group, and it is a research and production center, where all the products manufactured and sold result from the work of its own research and development facilities. The basic activity of PCO S.A. is the production and sale of optoelectronic products, observation and targeting devices using laser, night vision and thermovision technology for military purposes.


Polish Photonics Technology Platform

Polish Photonics Technology Platform (PPTF) was established on 27 February 2013 at the headquarters of PCO S.A. Creation of the platform was a joint undertaking of companies, associations, universities and research institutes operating in Poland in the field of photonics, which was part of the European Union’s approach to the most innovative areas of the economy in Europe.

The EU initiative to build European Technology Platforms aims to achieve significant growth effects by initiating and implementing innovative actions in public-private partnerships. Facing the scientific and technical challenges outlined in the Europe Strategy 2020 and Polish strategic documents concerning the development of the country, photonics is currently one of the key EU technologies.

The PPTF is open and new members may join at any time. PPTF members include organizational units that conduct scientific, economic activities, or governmental, local governmental or non-governmental organizations related to photonics or declaring activities for the development of photonics in Poland.

Military University of Technology

The Military University of Technology, established by the Act of 1951, is a public university supervised by the Minister of National Defense. As an open technical university, it serves the Armed Forces, science, economy and society through the training of cadets and students, the development of scientific and teaching staff and the conduct of scientific research and development work in the fields of science, technology and social sciences, in particular in the field of military and security technology. It cooperates with academic universities in Poland and abroad. In the spirit of the guiding motto: Omnia pro Patria, the Academy continues the glorious traditions of technical military schools: The Knights’ School, the Main School of Artillery and Engineering and the Higher School of Military Engineering. It prepares future engineering staff, transfers knowledge, shapes skills and improves competences at the highest level, at the same time teaching patriotism and responsibility for the Homeland.

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology – the tradition of Warsaw University of Technology – the largest and oldest technical university in Poland – dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. The year 1826, in which the Preparatory School for technical studies was opened, is assumed to be the date of the beginning of technical education in Warsaw. The originator of the school and the author of the teaching program was Stanisław Staszic, a versatile scholar and educational activist, working for the Commission of Religious Denominations and Public Enlightenment.

At the Warsaw University of Technology the largest scientific and research potential in Poland in the field of technical sciences is gathered. It is here that the largest number of important scientific studies is created, which count both in Poland and abroad. The rank of the Warsaw University of Technology is confirmed by numerous cooperation agreements with other universities, exchange of staff and students as well as joint research programs.



1. dr Piotr Dardziński – President of Łukasiewicz Research Network
2. Michał Jach – Member of the Polish Parliament, Chairman of the National Defense Commission
3. PhD eng. Ryszard Kardasz
4. PhD Krzysztof Kluza – President of the Management Board of PIT-RADWAR S.A.
5. dr hab. eng. Mirosław Kowalski, prof. ITWL – Director of the Air Force Technical Institute
6. prof. dr hab. Hubert Królikowski – Director of the Department of Defense Preparation Analyzes of the Administration
7. BrigGen PhD. eng. Tadeusz Szczurek, prof. WAT – Rector – Commander, Military University of Technology
8. prof. dr hab. eng. Jan Szmidt – Rector, Warsaw University of Technology



1. dr inż. Mariusz Andrzejczak – Director Centre of Innovations of PCO S.A.
2. Monika Bożyk – z-ca Dyrektora Departamentu Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wojskowego, MON
3. prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Chrzanowski – President of the Management Board of Inframet
4. dr Jacek Galas – Director of the Institute of Applied Optics
5. Krzysztof Gębarski – SMARTTECH sp. z o.o.
6. dr hab. Agnieszka Iwan – Military Institute of Engineering Technology
7. prof. dr hab. eng. Andrzej Jeleński – Scientific Council – Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
8. Zbigniew Karkuszewski – Instytut Fotonowy sp. z o.o.
9. Col PhD eng. Mariusz Kołodziejczyk – Department of Armaments Policy
10. Col PhD eng. Krzysztof Kopczyński – Director of the Institute of Optoelectronics, WAT
11. Col Wiesław Kras – Armaments Inspectorate
12. Mariusz Krawczak – Director for Business Development, PCO S.A.
13. dr Robert Kudelski – Dyrektor Departamentu Innowacji i Rozwoju Technologicznego PGZ S.A.
14. prof. dr hab. eng. Małgorzata Kujawińska – Head of the Photonical Engineering Department of the Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
15. PhD Adam Piotrowski – President of the Management Board of VIGO System S.A.
16. dr Adam Piotrowski – Prezes Zarządu VIGO System S.A.
17. prof. dr hab. eng Ryszard Romaniuk – Institute of Electronic Systems, Warsaw University of Technology
18. PhD Anna Szkulmowska – Chairwoman of the Working Group on National Intelligent Specialization 13. Photonics
19. Karol Szyszkiewicz – PCO S.A. – Secretary of the Committee
20. Jerzy Wiśnioch – Chief Technologist, PCO S.A.
21. Bogumił Wodyński – Technical Director, PCO S.A.
22. prof. dr hab. eng. Tomasz Woliński – President of the Polish Photonical Association